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How Transformative Learning and Learning From Experience Can Prevent The Consequences of Unemployment On Individual Well-Being During COVID-19: A Case Study In West Jakarta

Zabiullah Rezaie, Mrs. Dr. Bevaola Kusumasari; Mrs. Dr. Ambar Widaningrum; Mr. Dr.Subarsono



This study aimed to examine the experience of 10 employees who faced unplanned, unwanted job loss or significant reduction during COVID-19 in West Jakarta, Indonesia. And how the consequences of that event affect their path from unemployment to successful reemployment. This study used two theories transformative learning (TL) and learning from experience (LFE) which aim to discover how the principles and methods of TL and LFE in the context of finding a new job help them to escape from the world of unemployment. TL provides a path for a person to find a new job. And LFE can be effective in understanding how life situations and events shape a person's capacities and skills in his/her future job. One of the important findings of this study is that the loss of a job is one of the natural phenomena in each person's life, and only with perseverance and perspective change can be re-entered the job. after discussion with the participants, it become clear that among ten participants in this study, 8 of them faced job loss, and through perseverance and when they found that their perspectives are not the only ones, then they tried to use other's successful idea's to find a new job, and finally the according to the TL theory they find their way and became re-employee again and few of them became an entrepreneur. In general, this study aimed to give some recommendations for policymakers in Indonesia, because after analyzing the findings of the participant's discussion, one of the challenges was the new policies such as full lockdown and quarantine during COVID-19, and these new roles and policies resulted in unemployment around the world and Indonesia as well. This research was conducted using a qualitative research method and mainly exploratory interviews with the participants. The participants were five men and five women who worked in different jobs: Through a series of individual interviews, the research process captured participants' perceptions and learnings regarding how they experienced the job loss event during COVID-19, and what activities they did during their unemployment, and how they applied learnings from losing their jobs. The findings of this study showed that the participants experienced stress, shock, anger, and hopelessness during their unemployment period. During their unemployment time, all participants take some actions and activities to find a new job.

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