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Tinjauan peranan notaris PPAT dan akibat hukumnya dalam pembuatan surat kuasa membebankan hak tanggungan (SKMHT) pada BNI Cabang Padang


Liestia, Riri

Pembimbing: Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghofur Anshori, S.H., M.H

ABSTRACT : Target of this research to know role of Notary and PPAT and its legal consequences in making of Burdensome Letter Of Attorney act of Rights Responsibility (SKMHT) as functioner, and Any kind of constraint faced by Notary and PPAT in making of Burdensome Letter Of Attorney of Rights Responsibility (SKMHT) at Bank Negara Indonesia of Padang. This research represent research having the character of is descriptive, with approach of empirical yuridis. Data which is utilized in this research is obtained primary data is direct the than field study through responder interview and guest speaker as fundamental data which assisted with secondary data obtained through book study, steming from materials punish primary, materials punish sekunder, and tertiary law materials. Overall of obtained data is then analyzed qualitative. Result of this research indicate that Role of Notary and PPAT in Making of Burdensome Deed Letter of Attorney Rights Responsibility (SKMHT) as functioner of vital importance, mentioned because of empowering obliged to be conducted before a Notary or of PPAT with a pukka act so-called Burdensome Letter Of Attorney Rights Responsibility (SKMHT), its contents and form of SKMHT specified with Regulation Of Minister Lead BPN No. 3 Year 1996, its him provided by BPN, made by Notary and PPAT pertinent in two duplicating, altogether genuiness ( originaly in), making of SKMHT outside content and form specified by Minister Lead BPN, PPAT is obliged to refuse to make its APHT because making of APHT by PPAT on the basis of letter of attorney which not such a SKMHT which its contents and form digress from specified by Small Fish of Land Registration Lead BPN, representing handicap punish in course of encumbering of Rights Responsibility, while in the case of giving rule of law and protection in the effort watering down Bank liquefy credit to its client precisely and not need old time, Role of Notary and PPAT very is assisting, the mentioned can be seen from its function as given functionary the right to make SKMHT, apart from Notary and PPAT authoritative nothing that making him. Effort Notary in face of arising out constraint at making of Burdensome Letter Of Attorney act of Rights Responsibility is difficult to make all the clien who has the right to be come in order agree and sign the support letter of Burdensome Letter Of Attorney Rights Responsibility (SKMHT). Key Words : Role Of Public Notary, PPAT, Making of SKMHT.

Kata kunci Peranan notaris,PPAT,Pembuatan SKMHT
Program Studi S2 Magister Kenotariatan UGM
No Inventaris c.1 (0285-H-2009)
Deskripsi xii, 105 p., bibl., ills., 29 cm
Bahasa Indonesia
Jenis Tesis
Penerbit [Yogyakarta] : Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2009
Lokasi Perpustakaan Pusat UGM
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