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Peran Pemerintah dalam meningkatkan investasi di bidang Pariwisata di Kabupaten Lombok Barat


Novita, Ira Kusuma

Pembimbing: Dr. Pratikno, M.Soc.Sc

ABSTRACT : The Government of West Lombok Regency focused in developing tourism sector as the second main source after agriculture. This action considered for reason to maximize the using of high potential of tourism in supporting the economic development in the Regency. The potential mention fulfilled four basic elements of tourism, they are: natural beauty, originality, scarcity and the element of the whole sources. Even tough, low interest in investing is still happening for some reasons, such as: the complicated policy and regulation of investment and the poor knowledge of bureaucrats on the importance of tourism. In effort to overcome those problems, the local Government urgently needs to get involved. The actions need to be taken and the approach need to be applied especially in improving the number of investment in tourism is proposed as the statement of problem in this thesis. Descriptive research, primary and secondary data sourced is used in this thesis. Data collecting technique trough observation and interview and the Government roles operational in to three parts: the role of regulating, using and serving. The result of this research shows that the government doing in the function of the rule of regulating, using and serving with in committed and understanding about the important of developing tourism sector in social, have significantly increasing. That is impact to investor convinced for interest investing in Regency, especially investment in tourism sector The Government manages to solve the problems of investment by carry out three important steps fit to the necessity of the Regency. The Government simplifies the legal policy and requirement to get tourism investment license. Provide facilities for investors in fulfilling their obligations as well as developing their businesses. To enhance social understanding, the Government concern to educate human resource and local businessman, and to maintain natural resources and environment. To improve the Government services, local Government move forward by giving technical guidance and training for Government Officers in charge, open a chance for inhabitant to understand more about the important of tourism, founding tourism awareness groups, and continuously join in National and International Exhibition to promote tourism in West Lombok to the world. The tiring struggle of the Government successfully paid up. From the optimal functions of Government and understanding of social for the important of developing tourism sector, every years, tourism investment in West Lombok Regency having increasing. Eventually in 2005-2006, the increasing makes it 8 % in every year.

Kata kunci Otonomi Daerah,Investasi Pariwisata,Peran Pemda
Program Studi S2 Ilmu Politik (Politik Lokal dan Otonomi Daerah) UGM
No Inventaris c.1 (2937-H-2007)
Deskripsi ix, 114 p., bibl., ills., 29 cm
Bahasa Indonesia
Jenis Tesis
Penerbit [Yogyakarta] : Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2007
Lokasi Perpustakaan Pusat UGM
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