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Peribahasa Indonesia dalam sastra Indonesia sebelum perang :: Sebuah tinjauan resepsi sastra


Santosa, F.x

Pembimbing: Prof.Dr. Sulastin Sutrisno

ABSTRACT : . I n recent time, proverbs sometimes are s t i l l used i n d a i l y l ife. In GBPP ( G a r i s Besar Pro am Pengajaran) o f t h e K u r i k u l u m SMA I 984 o bviously it 8 s a i d t hat prov erbs assume t h e r ole of an e ducational matter t hat s hould be r ecognized and be interpreted. The t h e s i s w i l l t r y t o analyze the meaning of p roverbs interpretatively from the sociolinguistic approach in semantics. In s emaatics it has been s aid t h a t each word has a t reasury of m e d n g s and forms. Both c haracters permit t he interpretation of the meanings of proverbs, which a8 l i t e r a r y work QSY have some meanings (polisemic, paly-interpretable). m meae ning of p roverbs as communication iastrument~can be c l a s s i f i e d i n so many Ednds of w ays. P roverbs as communication instruments, w i l l be interpreted by t he readers and W i l l be used i n t he l i t e r a r y work a s an a ctive recept ion. How d id t he Indonesian authors before w a r acquire t he p roverbs actively, W i l l be analieed i n t he l a s t p art Of t h e thesis.The resource of the d ata i s Peribahasa w ritten by Pamuntjak cs, because this book is a complete collection of proverbs. The meaning of p roverbs can be m a l i z e d by a nalizi-g the elements of language from sociol i n g u i s t i c approach i n semantics. Some elements of prov erbs have a t reasury of meanings and forms. 'phis must be analized t o make some interpretations t o t h e meanbgs.of proverbs. The meanings of proverbs can be c lassified i n some kinds of meaning depending on t h e i r f unctions i n t he communication. In o rder t o apply proverbs as cormmmication i nstruments, 8ome users bf proverbs are a ctive recept o r s by using t he a ltematibns of t h e i r meanings and *heir forms. I n t his t hesis, t he s tudy of the active reception can be limited t o the Indonesian authors of t he l i t e r a r y works b efore t h e war by talcing a sample of thirteen authors and each trill be r epresented by one of t h e i r works. As t he result, this re'gearch shows t h a t some element8 of language have a m a& o f meanings and fomns. !Phis c ondition supports the polyeemic character of l i t e r a r y work. So t he meanings of p roverbs a re n ot only limited i n those collected by Pamtmtjak c s i n Peribahasa but are open t o other alternative meanings. 'Phe a l t ernative meanings w i l l depend on t he context8~oft h e i r use. Moreover, the meanings can be s eparated i n some verious kinds o f meaninga. They c an be connected with n atural laws and human laws accepted by t he community, slogans, mottos, advices, descript i o n s of l i f e facts, praise and allusion, excessive statements, impossibility and vain. . This r esearch shows there was a l s o a ctive reception by some I ndonesiansauthors. Although there was Bone active reception t o t h e proverbs, there were also varioua kind8 of r eception t o the proverbs t h a t a r e p ure r eeeptfon, p art i a l r eception or le8s-pure reception. And s t i l l t here were a l s o unacquired proverbs and i nnovative proverbs.

Kata kunci Sastra Indonesia,Kritik Sastra,Sastra Indonesia dan Jawa
Program Studi S2 Sastra Indonesia dan Jawa UGM
No Inventaris c.1 (134/H/89)
Deskripsi ix, 158 p., bibl., il., 30 cm
Bahasa Indonesia
Jenis Tesis
Penerbit [Yogyakarta] : Universitas Gadjah Mada, 1988
Lokasi Perpustakaan Pusat UGM
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