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Prospek dan strategi pemasaran produk unggulan jamu PT Air Mancur Solo


Sumanto, Yosef

Pembimbing: Dr.Ir. Dwidjono Hadi Darwanto, MS

ABSTRACT : The purpose of this researcti are to h o w the influence of marketing strategy of Jamu Air Mancur to the primary product sales ( i n u nit ) in order to anticipate the tight competition. And than to know the prospect of primary product marketing in the future PT Air Mancur which was properly build in December, 23 ,1963 as a household industry. Now it h as been developed as an indust? of Jarnu into National scale, the same level i\ith PT Sido Muncul, PT J amu Jago, and PT Nyonya I'vfeneer. In 3000 , the management of PT Air Mancur \vas carried out b), professional managers and they supervised employees of 1549 person. The coitipany has received a certificate of I S0 9001 in specialize of "Manufacturing of Jamu" in 2000, and certificate of HALAL which was issued by LPPOM and MUI in 199s. Recently PT Air Mancur produced 70 various type of Jainu and its volume of production are 20 million unit approximately, in order to meet the need of domestic demand and export to a few countries i n Asia : Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong and Brunei. There are 10 kind of Jamu as a primary product that contribute hghly to the sales of Jamu Air Mancur. According to the result of SWOT analysis, show that PT Air Mancur is i n position of Growth (cell I swot diagram) , and the primary product is also in that position (cell I), but the non primary product is in position of Orientation To Outlook or Diversification (cell 11). Regression analysis show that the strategy of product development and promotion simultaneously be able to increase the sales volume of primary product significantly, but the non primary product is not significant. The strategy of expanding the distribution channel especially for export, their contribution O to total sales its appears increasing, at 1.78 Y ( 1997 ) to 3 .86 ?4 ( 1999 ). The price policy of product is relatively competitive, although the price of product was been increased in 1997, its influences to decreasing of sales are temporary for one year, and than the sales of product whould be increasing in next period. Moreover refering to consumer opinion, they said that price of products are cheaper than its competitors. Referring to Trend analysis, show that the sales of primary product has a tendency of increasing precisely. Therefore the marketing strategy of Janiu Air Mancur that consits of developing new product and product diversification, expanding of market distribution channel especially for export, price of product, and promotion are influenced simultaneously to increase the sales ( in unit) of primary product significantly. But the non primary products are not significant. The Prospect of primaq product marketing o f Jamu Air Mancur whould be appears prospectively, caused of: (a) Trend of sales (in unit) has a tendency increasing, (b) Market share of Janiu Air Mancur was increased 15 96 (1995) to 18 Y (1999) and (c) Potensial of market w-hould be O increase i n the future. The marketing strategy of Jamu A ir Mancur \\hich must be carried out effectively are to expand of marketing aggressively rely on the primproduct, but the non primary product must be diiwsified firstly to make it more competitive.

Kata kunci Strategi Pemasaran,Produk Unggulan,PT Air Mancur
Program Studi S2 Magister Manajemen Agribisnis UGM
No Inventaris c.1 (790/H/2002)
Deskripsi xii, 107 p., bibl., ills., 30 cm
Bahasa Indonesia
Jenis Tesis
Penerbit [Yogyakarta] : Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2002
Lokasi Perpustakaan Pusat UGM
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